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YOSR (Powered by Naya Technomedia DWC-LLC) is dedicated to serving both businesses and individuals. From the comfort of your home, YOSR offers you the opportunity to indulge in the luxury of collecting points and winning gold only from watching promote ads! With every ad you watch, you collect more and more points, and you finally receive your reward: Gold!” Moreover, YOSR is a platform with loads of engaging features as free promo ads -which you can easily reach through the map feature- auctions and QR Codes.

YOSR is designed to be your companion. No matter if you are in for having fun, engaging the social atmosphere, or you only want to take your business to the next level, YOSR is where you grow!


YOSR introduces a new concept of what is known as business media with a definite goal in mind: to make your life easier and your time meaningful. Whether its a material or an intangible gain, we are all always in search of a way to win and achieve self-realization. Now you have YOSR.



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Anyone above 12 years of age is capable of being an interactive user on YOSR. This vast age bracket encompasses individuals of various age groups, all sharing the same thing: ambition. As young as the age of 12, we envision ourselves as whoever we desire to become, working so hard to achieve this goal one day. From this age and above, we are always in a quest for not only making our dreams true but also achieving self-realization and fulfillment.



Build an unbreakable bond with your audience by putting trust into your relationship. Linking your brand with gold-winning through YOSRs Promo Ads newly-innovated reward is a brilliant method to introduce your business. Inside the viewers mind, this ad is his only way to reach his gold, which indirectly establishes a strong connection between winning and your brand.


YOSR introduces to the entire market an innovative method to reach their prospects. From the comfort of your office or even your home, list your product or service to the available lead generators who have a mission to connect you with your target audience and open up another digital method to market for your brand. Moreover, when it comes to YOSRs Promo Ads feature, skyrocketing your sales and making profit is guaranteed! Unlike other applications, our user wants to see your ad till the end.

 Make easy, guaranteed profit. Watching ads on your application will no longer mean wasting your time. With YOSR, every moment counts because it is designed in a way that appreciates time. After all, time does not only matter, it also deeply affects our lives and defines our future.


How Can YOSR Benefit Your Life?

Its not just about watching ads! You can also join the YOSR sales team in your country. Where you can reach potential companies and institutions and transfer them to clients for YOSR. Each new client from your side means a money reward from our side, that simple!

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